CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Training Scheme (SITS) 3 Days
Course Duration: Three Days
Suitable Attendees: Persons responsible for inspecting and checking scaffolds for safe use and for signing certificates and registers in accordance with statutory regulations. We would expect delegates to have some awareness and experience of scaffolding structures, which would have come from their time in their individual industry sector e.g. construction, engineering, manufacturing, offshore etc.
Course Aim: develop in trainees an understanding of scaffold components, forms of construction and inspection procedures of basic access scaffolds and to comply with current legislation and Codes of Practice

Training Objectives: At the end of the course delegates should be able to:
• Identify scaffold components/fittings correctly
• State the main requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, Work at Height Regulations 2005, the codes of practice relating to    scaffolding
• Identify the construction requirements common to all scaffolds to include:-
– Foundations
– Scaffold framework
– Platforms, handrails and toe-boards
– Ladder access
• Carry out inspections and fault identification on access scaffolds
• Complete and maintain reports in accordance with current statutory provision

The course will give trainees an understanding of:
• Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974
• Work at Height Regulations 2005
• Regulations
• Scaffold Terminology
• Scaffold Materials
• Means of Access
• Gin Wheels and Ropes
• Scaffold Ties
• Practical Inspection
• Reports

Leaner Assessments: The successful achievement of the above training objectives will be demonstrated using the following assessment methods:
• Practical Test (pass rate 100%)
• Written Test (pass rate 80%)

Certification: Delegates who successfully complete a CISRS Basic SITS Course will be issued with a certificate of attendance as a record of their training. Upon completion of a CSkills H&S test, they will be eligible to apply for a CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Card.

Note: If you are unsure about any aspect of the course requirements or card application you should contact CISRS help desk.