Driving Safely – It’s The Law!

Max Attendees: Six
Course Duration: One Day
Involves theory and practical driving sessions.
Introduction: It has been estimated that up to a third of all road traffic accidents involve somebody who is at work at the time. This may account for over 20 fatalities and 250 serious injuries every week. Some employers believe, incorrectly, that provided they comply with certain road traffic law requirements, eg company vehicles have a valid MOT certificate, and that drivers hold a valid licence, this is enough to ensure the safety of their employees, and others, when they are on the road. However, health and safety law applies to on-the-road work activities and the risks should be effectively managed within a health and safety management system. 
Course Aim: To reduce company costs and to provide qualified drivers including work based/company car drivers with an opportunity to have their driving skill assessed by a fully qualified DSA Driving Instructor. To help employees improve their driving habits and prevent driving related accidents.Driving Safely

Objectives: Upon completion of the course, employees should be able to:
• Understand how four “human factors” are responsible for most traffic accidents
• Learn how regular maintenance of a vehicle can help prevent accidents
• Understand how following basic driving rules can dramatically reduce accidents and injuries
• Recognize and avoid driving hazards
• Know how to safely handle a vehicle when confronted with poor road conditions

• This is a full participation based program which includes both theory and practical assessments. Delegates must fully participate and    complete the whole course and pass both assessments before certification is issued by Excel Training.
• The delegate does not require any specific personal protective equipment for this course.
• The delegate must have a full UK driving liscence.