Delivered Onsite – Worldwide

Course Duration: *Typically 2 to 3.0 Hours  (including break/reassessment. see below)
Suitable Attendees: Staff  working within a multi-disciplined work team.
Course Aim: To ensure an understanding in the methods of  re-positioning of Hop-Ups and  Internal Guardrails  on a specific system scaffold.

Objectives: To enable members of a multi-disciplined work team;
•To re-position  hop-ups/tie bars (where applicable)
and Internal guardrails to comply with the WAH Regulations 2005, MIM and SG4.

• Introduction
• Legislation
• Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
• Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
• Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
• The Work at Height Regulations 2005 and SG4
• Manufacturer’s Instruction Manual (MIM)
• Safe Working Practice of re-positioning hop-up brackets and internal guardrails

• This is a full participation based course which includes both theory and practical modules. Delegates must fully participate and complete the whole course and pass both modules before certification is issued by Excel Training International.
• Delegates selected by their employer/sponsor to attend this course are assumed to have an awareness of the risks involved whilst working at height and manual handling.
• Delegates must bring proper personal protective equipment (PPE) as required by their employer/sponsor.
• Wet weather clothing is advisable.

*Some delegates might find the course to be physically demanding therefore a 15 minute break is allocated during the course however delegates can opt out of this if they are comfortable in doing so. There is also a 30 minute practical reassessment time allocated to the end of the session in the event a delegate does not demonstrate the required standard. Most delegates do not need to utilise the 30 minute timeframe however it is there if required. We offer to repeat any aspect of the course to all delegates at the date and time of attendance (same day)

Note: This course excludes altering or moving tube and fittings.